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The Benefits of Foaming Hand Soap

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The Benefits of Foaming Hand Soap

The hand soap industry is booming with many different kinds of cleaning agents, from bar soaps and liquid soaps to various antibacterial soaps and foaming hand soap. And with the popularity of big retailers that sell vast arrays of hand and body lotion and soaps, thefragrances you can choose from are nearly endless.

Within the last couple of decades, hand soaps have taken on a newer form: foaming hand soap. Derived from liquid soap, foaming soap is thinner, lighter and bubbly. It requires a special dispenser that causes the liquid to foam with bubbles as it is dispensed.

There are many advantages to using foaming hand soap, both to the consumer and to the environment. The following are three top benefits of foaming hand soap:


Foaming hand soap is like giving your hands their own little bubble bath. The light bubbles of foaming hand soap give it a luxurious, decadent feel as you use it. With foaming hand soap, you use less so it is gentle and far less drying for your skin than bar soap or regular liquid soap. And when foaming hand soap is fragranced with essential oils and fortified with moisturizing ingredients, such as aloe and vitamin E, it is especially good for your skin.


Foaming soap may be scented or unscented, and often includes antibacterial agents. You can buy foaming hand soap from high-end retailers with essential oils, which are moisturizing and nourishing for the skin and therapeutic for the mind. For instance, try a foaming hand soap infused with lavender and lemon peel for a calming, restorative clean. Or consider the gentle sweetness of wildflowers such as bluebell, lily of the valley and rose. Another popular combination is orange blossom, tangerine and water lily.


Because it is thinner, you use less foaming hand soap than regular liquid soap. Less soap down the drain means less waste in the environment, and it is less likely to clog your drain. Foaming hand soap is easier to lather, helping you to use the appropriate amount of soap properly. It is also thought to be easier to apply than liquid soap, which is more likely to spill onto the sink or down the drain. Less waste is also better for your pocketbook. With all thebenefits of foaming hand soap, it may be a good idea to consider a switch from bar soap or liquid soap.